Rugid Solar Charger from SunVolt

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Going on a small camping trip? Or maybe your just becoming more prepared for the zombie apocalypse that is coming? Want to make sure your smart phone stays charged so you have a device to play games with after all the power goes out? Well at least you will be able to play with a friend because the new Solar charger power station by SunVolt charges two devices simultaneously! That’s right even if for some unknown reason all the power goes out you will still be able to keep your devices charged. What I really liked about the SunVolt Power Station was the fact that it was built to handle multiple devices. Most chargers on the market are meant for single devices. What is the good in that if someone is always having to wait for another device to be charged before them? This solar charger station takes care of that headache in one swoop.

Here are some of the technical specifications on the power station:

Dimensions in inches (mm)13 x 12 X 1.5 (330 x 305 x 38)
Weight in lbs (kg)4.3 (1.9)
Panel Rating in Watts10 STC *
sable Output in Volts8.0 – 14.4
Number of TipExchange Charge Ports2
Upgradeable Charge CircuitYes
Interior Pockets2
Exterior Material1680 densely stitched Ballistic Nylon
Shoulder StrapYes

Not only does the SunVolt solar charger just your ordinary charging station but it is also a carrying bag as well. Built out of 1680 densely stitched Ballistic Nylon the Solar Station has a front pouch for storing charging cables, smart phones and even tablet sized computers as well. To seal the deal the Solar Station also comes with a carrying strap to hang over your shoulder while carrying.

SunVolt Solar Charger Video

If you would like more information about the SunVolt or the Solar Station please visit the following direct link

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