Best Solar Backpacks Review for 2020

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Solar Backpack and the technology behind them

A solar backpack is a convenient source of energy. Carrying cases that gather, convert, and store renewable, solar energy enables backpackers and city dwellers to charge handheld electronic devices on the go. In addition, solar backpacks offer extra storage space for personal valuables and protect them from the elements. Despite the desire to go hiking, fishing, hunting or live outdoors, many people can’t survive without their precious gadgets. These devices of modern life need a readily available source of power once their batteries are drained. A solar panel backpack is one of the most genius solutions for this problem. It generates solar energy that is converted to electricity capable of powering and charging devices for considerable number of hours a day.

If you are an avid outdoors man, then here are some gadgets you may take with you into the wilderness that will eventually need charging:

  • GPS devices, so that you don’t get lost when trekking into the woods.
  • A Cell phone, to contact people if you do end up lost or without a means of navigation.
  • Flashlights, especially if you plan to venture out into the wild at night.
  • Entertainment gadgets, like a music player or portable gaming device, will also need to be recharged after constant use.

Solar energy technology is now more convenient and portable than ever. You can go off the grid for days without having to worry about your batteries running out. You can utilize personal electronic devices while out in the wilderness by carrying a solar backpack with you. A solar backpack is an innovative and earth friendly way for you to cut down on your carbon footprint by simply charging your gadgets with the sun’s power and while on the go. Outdoors-man people like those who love hiking or camping can obviously benefit from solar powered backpacks since they can use these portable and lightweight solar chargers everywhere they go—from mountaintops to rain forests, it doesn’t matter.

The daily energy that is emitted by the sun amounts to a year’s worth of the worlds energy requirement. Sadly, majority of us still depend on non-renewable sources of energy. Manufacturers of solar backpacks realize that there are thousands of portable products in the market. Even more daunting is the fact that they come in thousands of brands too. This awareness enables solar bag producers to create solar carrying cases that are compatible to each and every portable gadget known to man. Some solar backpacks are equipped with technology that enable users to charge two or more devices at the same time. Whether you are carrying an iPhone, Android, MP3, solar backpacks can accommodate to your charging needs.

Advanced technology in solar backpacks

Solar backpacks from reputable companies utilize the latest trends in solar cell technology to bring to customers a fast charging carrying case. Integrated solar panels sporting 10 Watts at 6 Volts of power will be sure to keep those devices at their peak battery capacity. In addition, water proof and UV resistant monocrystalline solar panels will hold up to all the rough elements. While their reflective coating may seem to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, the solar cell is coated with a thin, anti-reflective treatment that will prevent energy loss.

Another option that some of these backpacks include are an on board battery pack, some with more than 12,000 mAH. Some internal batteries can be hooked up to other power sources, such as a wall outlet, or your car. This makes having a backpack solar panel with a built-in battery even more useful, giving you the capability to draw power from more power sources than the sun. Features such as short circuit over charge, over discharge, over temperature, under temperature can be found to be included on the list of features. If your truly a power user I would definitely recommend purchasing a solar backpack with an included battery pack as it will come in handy when the sun is no longer available, or if you end up indoors after being out in the sun for a long time. However, the battery will run out of power eventually, unless you go outside and charge it up with solar power again.

Alternatives: solar charger kits

The only downside of backpack solar panels is that they do not produce nearly as much power as larger solar power sources, or common wall outlets. On average, an hour of solar power will only be enough to power a cellular phone for about an hour or two. If you have more than one device hooked up to your backpack battery, then this time may decrease, or your backpack battery will use up more power to charge each of your devices equally.

Many people who buy a solar backpack believe that it is enough for all their needs while on the trail. Unfortunately, they find out later on, that they need more power than they had planned for, or their units are not storing as much solar power as they would want. This is where the foldable solar panels can be used to resolve your problem. Aside from being completely functional, they remain easy and convenient to carry.

Hanging your additional solar panels across your backpack, you will gain additional panels to allow you to harness more solar energy and in a shorter time. One of the advantages of these types of panels is that they can be arranged in a way that they can capture more energy from the sun.

Amazon link to foldable solar panel

Environmentally friendly

There is no question that this portable technology presents less impact on the environment compared to any other global solution in the market today. Aside from maximizing the benefits of a clean, sustainable, and renewable source of energy, you are actually doing your share in ensuring that the environment is protected. The more people invest in these types of products and technologies, the more protected the environment becomes.

Environmentally conscious gadget lovers aren’t the only ones who can get a kick out of this hybrid invention. People who simply carry around a lot of technology on a daily basis might find backpack solar panels an interesting solution to a common problem: Power for each and every device.

Avoid purchasing low quality products

The age of cheap solar alternatives is among us. The market for them is now saturated with both great and poor quality products. How will you be able to find one worth your money, as well as charge your devices safely and effectively? Here are a few tips on weeding out those cheaper low quality knockoffs.

  • Always check the manufacturers reviews. Amazon is a great way to ensure you find a product that won’t fail in a matter of months.
  • Most knockoff products will not have a manufacturer website. I think this is just common sense. If a website is missing you can most definitely guess that the product is some cheap mass produced junk.
  • Be sure that the product has a return policy. Amazon usually offers 30 days to return the product but lets be honest, if it fails it will happen on day 31. right? Make sure the manufacturer also have a long term return policy.
  • Be sure to check the fabric that is used. Nylon is a very common material used in quality backpack products.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all other forms of technology, solar backpacks have two sides to the coin. On one hand, users will be able to find one particularly useful because:

  • Solar back packs are powered by nature’s most constant heat and light source, the sun.
  • Solar cells have evolved to be light and thin enough to be nearly weightless when mounted on a backpack.
  • They are also hooked straight into rechargeable batteries, which are also capable of drawing power from the sun. These batteries can power up your devices when you are not out in the sun.
  • The form and functionality of a backpack make carrying a solar power device around easy, so that you can charge up your batteries at work, at home or at play.
  • A solar cell backpack can even function as a source of emergency power during a blackout, natural disaster, or other unfortunate situations.
  • Solar panels of today are not only lightweight and great at drawing power from the sun, but also durable enough to withstand the elements.
  • Many backpacks of today are specially designed and rigged to provide not only power, but proper storage, for all of your gadgets and other things.


  • Like all technology it doesn’t always last long. Solar panels on a backpack will have an opportunity to fail.
  • It’t common knowledge that most batteries only last around 5 years then you will see a gradual decrease in capacity and reliability.
  • Once the technology fails can you get a proper replacement?
  • Will the solar output be enough to charge your devices demand?

Our 2020 Solar Backpack Product Reviews

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

When you think Solar Backpack your probably going to find that your typical backpack manufacturers such as Sampsonite, Jansport or Underarmor are not manufacturing any kind of option. Yes it is surprising but true. We do not see the big manufacturers taking advantage of this niche area of backpacks. When you will find are companies that specializing in the solar technology stepping up to the plate and pioneering the industry. Voltaic are of the long standing and first pioneers to produce a high quality backpack option and their Array Rapid solar backpack is not to be one to sit the bench. These backpacks are made with quality material and offer a large range of organizational options, charging options and battery packs! If your looking for that backpack that can give you everything then look no further!

Here is a list of options straight from the manufacturer:

  • INCLUDES A BATTERY PACK (POWER BANK) to charge your laptop quickly and safely. Store energy and power to charge your devices even when it is cloudy and the sun is not out. Completely charges most laptops in 6 hours, 1 hour charges most smartphones
  • INCLUDES A 2-YEAR WARRANTY. Our solar panels are designed to last. Built using rugged fabric and strong solar cells that can withstand the rigors of everyday use (2 year on solar panel, 1 year on battery pack)
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLAR PANELS made from industry-leading monocrystalline solar cells
  • BACKPACK DESIGN – Our solar panels are built into our backpacks making them perfect for camping, photographers, travelers and more. Made of lightweight, UV resistant fabric manufactured from recycled PET (soda bottles). 25L of storage, dedicated padded 15″ laptop/tablet sleeve, and plenty of other pockets
  • COMPATIBILITY | Designed to power and charge laptops, professional cameras, and thousands of devices that charge from USB, including smartphones, and DSLR camera batteries from manufacturers like iPhones & iPads, MacBooks, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Acer, HP, Nikon, Canon, Lenovo & more

What we like about the backpack:

  • Organizational options to satisfy almost all of your needs.
  • High quality craftsmanship.
  • Made from 33 recycled plastic bottles! Its important to realize your every day impact on our planet!
  • Solar charging options.

Something to think about:

  • The price is high. If your looking for all the bells and whistles then you will definitely get it with this bag but it will set you back a bit.

ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack with High Efficiency Solar Panel

ECEEN offers a few different solar pack options. This particular model comes in either light grey or black. I particularly like the grey color choice as it it gives an alternative color option besides the typical black that you find is redundant with these solar bags. One of the features that stands out the most is the charging port that is accessible from the outside of the bag. This makes is very convenient to plugin and charge up on the go. You will also have the luxury of hooking up your charging devices on the inside to carry with you protected.

If having a backpack that can store a laptop is something that you desire then this model will be perfect for that. As long as the laptop you are trying to carry is a 15″ model or less you are fine. I know that some gamer and power users out there have 17″ model laptops so this would not be an option. I would be one of those power users as I own a 17″ gaming laptop. I have made the mistake of purchasing a carrying bag before only to find out that my laptop did not fit so make sure to take note on that!

ECEEN does offer an amazing warranty and return policy. I would recommend checking the exact warranty details before making your purchase though.

Here is a list of options straight from the manufacturer:

  • 10 WATTS SOLAR PANEL – Made of 10 Watts solar panel built into backpack, Powered for thousands of devices that charge from USB, including various handheld devices and smartphones, Including Apple iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Apple iPads and Samsung Tablets, iPods, Sony, Nikon, Canon, and GoPro digital cameras.
  • USB CHARGING PORT – With the USB charging port, you can charge your electronics without holding your power bank. Just put the power bank inside your backpack and connect with the data line, or connect the solar USB port if there have sun, then you can charge your device anytime and anywhere.
  • ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK – This quality Backpack apply anti-theft design technology. The zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag no theft will easily open your backpack. This college backpack is equipped with a secret pocket which is behind the bag. It’s super good for travel, hiking, camping, photographing, work or school.
  • ULTRA LIGHT AND LARGE CAPACITY – This classic backpack is made with your convenience in mind. Its size is 19.5in*14.5in*5.6in (49cm*38cm*14.2cm) and weight is 1.65lb (0.75kg). The compartment including 1 main pocket & 7 inner small pockets, which provide a separated space for your Laptop within 15 inches, iPhone, iPad, cameras, pen, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more.
  • Package Included: 1 anti-theft waterproof light laptop backpack, 1 removable USB charging cable as a free gift, our lifelong grantee warranty and return policy without any worries. ECEEN lifetime friendly customer service will be always with you whenever you need our support.

What we like about the backpack:

  • External charging port so you can plug in your device without having to open it.

Something to think about:

  • No battery pack to take advantage of no sunlight or darkness charging times
  • Space is limited in this pack

XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack Wireless Solar Panel Charger USB/Type C

When you think backpack, most likely you would never visually see a futuristic design with clean lines. Just like those concept cars at the car shows where car makers shows us a concept we will probably never get to experience. Fortunately you get that with the XD solar pack! Futuristic design with all the clean lines you could ask for in a backpack! We absolutely fell in love with this design and feel it deserves the “Best style” award!

This sleek backpack offers a polyester material and a slue of charging options, some of which you wont see on any other solar charging models! You have the option to charge direction through solar, power bank or even using its unique wireless charging pad. We have not seen a wireless charging option as of yet. This is really a cool feature. You have the space to store a DSLR camera or even a 15″ laptop which is very convenient. We also love that its made using recycled plastic bottles.

  • Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Charge your phone directly from Solar Energy, through a Power Bank or Wireless Charging Pad: it takes 3.5 hours to fully charge your phone on a sunny day
  • The Integrated USB Charging Port has both Regular and Type-C connections
  • Adjustable Internal Dividers, which allows you to Organize your (Camera) Gear in many different ways. The Compartments fit 15.6” Laptops and 12.9“ Tablets with a Total Content of 18 Liters.
  • The Patented Fidlock on the shoulder strap enables Quick and Easy Access to your phone or bottle
  • This Eco-Backpack, Sustainably Made using Recycled Plastic Bottles, is Water Repellent and Cut Resistant on the front and sides

What we like about the backpack:

  • Great external design on this backpack. Definitely “Back to the future” style. We love the clean lines!
  • Adjustable dividers make it easy to configure your gear for different use. One day we may need to carry a DSLR and on a different day it may be just a laptop with some random hiking gear.

Something to think about:

  • If care about breaking the bank then you might want to consider that this backpack will set you back almost $300. If money is no issue then the XD is a great option!

XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

The Design of this XTPower Backpack offers 46L of storage for all your belongings. It has a spacious main compartment with room for accessories such as maps, books, Gadgets, pens and keys. With a removable 7 watt solar panel you will find the convenience of putting the solar panel into direct sunlight, in return generating much more energy. The XTPower was built for long time comfort which is great for hikers and with bright red colors you are sure to be safe in an area zoned for hunting. High density foam make up the shoulder straps giving you a much more comfortable fit that last much longer than most other backpacks of it kind. We also dig the ability to strap the shoulder straps together making for a more snug fit.

  • Confidence: XTPower stands for high quality and customer satisfaction.
  • SOLAR BACK PACK (7 W) – Empty batteries are a thing of the past: A high performance detachable solar panel provides charging power for batteries for diverse electronic appliances on every trip. Ideal for charging smart phones, tablets, ipods, speakers, MP-3 players, etc. when there is enough sunlight.
  • 7 WATT SUNPOWER SOLAR CELLS – These solar cells have an efficiency of 22 % and thus get more out of the sun rays than standard cells. The solar cells are protected by a scratch resistant surface. Sewn into a PVC cover with clips for optimal fastening to the backpack. The solar panel is optionally removable, and can be stored in the backpack’s spacious compartments. Solar panel 6.5 Watts, 6V 1.1 A
  • VERY LIGHT. VERY ROBUST. VERY FLEXIBLE – this backpack is perfect for daily use, travel, and outdoor activities including backpacking, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, biking, etc. It’s light weight and the superior designed support points provide optimal comfort.
  • What This Includes: 1 stylish backpack, 1 6.5 W solar panel with USB output 6V 1.1 A, 1 USB to Micro-USB charge cable. The backpack material is Nylon, fabric designed to be rip and water resistant. The dimensions: 21.3 x 8.7 x 15.4 in. The weight is approximately 1.8lbs

What we like about the backpack:

  • Removable solar panel is a nice touch! With the ability to move that solar panel into direct sunlight and point it dead on into the sun, you will know you are getting the most out of your solar panel. A lot of times you will find getting your backing positioned directly into the sunlight isn’t always possible.
  • High efficiency solar panel generating 22%
  • For hikers that like to travel in areas where hunting is legal, the bright red color will be sure to keep you safe from gun fire.

Something to think about:

  • The bright red color of the XTP may be a turn off for some.

SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack Outdoors

The SolarGoPack is a great budgetary option. Coming in at less than $100 this solar backpack has a lot of great features that even some that are twice its price tag don’t even offer! This bag is equipped with a 10,000 mAH battery pack, giving you the ability to keep charging your devices even when you hit a patch of clouds or dense forest during a hike. The bag is super light weight so you won’t need to worry about over loading on your trips.

  • 7 Watt solar panel generates power from sun to charge the 10,000 mAh battery
  • Charges smartphones and other mobile electronic devices while camping, hiking and traveling
  • SolarGoPack solar power charger backpacks are durable, stylish, flexible, and lightweight
  • Includes Micro USB cables and 10k mAh waterproof li-polymer battery
  • Excellent for travel, sports, hiking, school, and emergency power outages

What we like about the backpack:

  • A backpack equipped with a large battery pack for under $100 is a great deal
  • Light weight is always a plus when trying to keep your capacity weight low

Something to think about:

  • Light weight material can sometimes mean it won’t stand up to the rugged outdoors or abuse of hiking.

SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack Sport

We have dubbed this backpack the Solar Backpack meets the school kid. I guess we feel this backpack looks a lot like something we would have bought for school. Not to say that is a bad thing! We definitely enjoy the sternum strap. When ever a backpack has this feature you can bet that we are using it. It keeps the backpack nice and snug up against you and also tends to keep you from having back issues. The solar panel is removable which we are seeing this option more on newer models and feel its almost a must have feature! There are many organizing options on this bag for books, pens, and other items that you could say fit perfect for a student.

  • SolarGoPack is a durable, stylish backpack equipped with a solar panel used to charge your mobile devices.
  • The solar panel on the SolarGoPack bag powers a battery that will charge any of your electronic devices.
  • A powerful 5w, 12000 mAh Lion Bat, lightweight removable panel designed with cutting edge solar panel technology.
  • Includes solar panel, a 35 liter durable waterproof backpack, device adapters etc.
  • Take Your Power with you ….. events, school, on-the-go, travel, sports, on the job and many other uses.

What we like about the backpack:

  • Removable solar panel is a must have for us!
  • Sternum straps are great for keeping the bag secure against your body.

Something to think about:

  • A “school student” style backpack is a big odd to us but it may be exactly what your looking for.

FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof and Anti-Theft

3 of my favorite color choices are available in this FARAZ backpack! This travel bag has many compartments to add almost anything you would need to carry with you. The tablet and laptop pouches have a safety strap to keep them nice and safe which is a great feature. I have had problems with losing my tablet before and if it had a strap like this it would have saved it from hitting the ground. The outer design is really a nice too touch. We like how it integrates clean lines and separates the color scheme.

  • 600D Oxford
  • Polyester lining
  • SOLAR PANEL POWER SUPPLY BACKPACK: We have amazingly designed the best backpack equipped with a solar panel for your power supply needs. This solar has an output of 6W. Safely charge your devices at your comfort. Can charge several devices at the same time.
  • ASSORTED COMPARTMENTS: our top design modern backpack utilizes top-class workmanship to tailor the best bag with enough storage space to accommodate your personal accessories such as phone, laptop & tablet. Your accessories and devices will fit perfectly.
  • USER-FRIENDLY BACKPACK: this full of comfort backpack has padded adjustable straps to fit your back well and sit comfortably on your shoulders. A lightweight bag that is equipped with Zipper enclosures to enhance the safety of your accessories. Padded back with thick padding for better carrying experience. Equipped with a handle loop for optional portability.
  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE MATERIAL: For the safety of your accessories, we have tailored this modern bag with a waterproof material for safety purposes. The material is strong and durable to last for long with less care. A backpack built to your satisfaction.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated to offering the best products to our customers. If our product doesn’t meet the description above we offer full fund to our clients with no questions asked. Get the true value of your cash, Buy with confidence!!!

What we like about the backpack:

  • 3 great colors to choose from! Red, Black and Grey.
  • The laptop pouch has a safety strap to keep it from sliding out onto the ground.

Something to think about:

  • No detachable solar panel on this model.
  • 6W solar panel isn’t the largest panel you can find.

EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

Compartments galore! This baby is packed full of space! It reminds us of an accordion the way you can pack this thing full of items. This backpack is equipped with 3 separate large compartments, enough to give you the space to take on any type of trip short or long. The bright red inner material is also a nice touch as most manufacturers stick with the plain black. The laptop pouch is also padded giving you an extra piece of mind that your precious computer will be safe during transport.

  • SOLAR INTEGRATED: The perfect blend of size & power, the 3 watt integrated solar panel will charge your favorite smartphones, cameras and more in less than 5 hours.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Solar-on-plastic technology makes the unit extremely light & flexible, adding virtually no weight to the backpack.
  • RUGGED: The integrated solar panel is water resistant & designed for the harshest conditions. Can withstand shocks, drops and minor punctures.
  • FEATURE-RICH: This backpack includes all of your favorite backpack amenities including padded laptop sleeves, expandable compartments, pen and business card pockets, and more.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Leading, American manufactured solar technology you can trust. The solar panels are engineered and 100% made in Denver, CO and AWARD WINNING: Built with the World’s Most Awarded Solar, one of TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions.

What we like about the backpack:

  • Low price doesn’t have to mean lower quality product. Made and manufactured here in the USA, you will find this bag is of high quality!

Something to think about:

  • The solar panel is a bit to be desired.

Energizer PowerKeep PRO Solar Executive Backpack

The Energizer bunny gave up his drum set and traded it in for a Solar Bag! Equipped with a removable 3W solar panel and even a 10,000 mAH battery pack. Large laptop zipper pouch has the capacity to carry those large 17″ laptops, a feature not commonly found in this article! If you own a large laptop like we do then this is going to definitely be a contender for you!

  • LONG LASTING POWER! Includes executive backpack, 10000mAh ENERGIZER powerbank with two USB output ports, LED power indicator, 3W solar panel, micro-USB cable.
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 37 Wh, 10000mAh, dual 5V/2A USB output ports; SOLAR POWER: 3W regulated. Charge phones, speakers, wireless headphones, camera, or any USB device! Our rugged, flexible and removeable solar panel is unlike conventional solar panels and is made in the USA. And it’s lightweight too!
  • EMERGENCY POWER: Don’t get caught with a dead phone! Charge the powerbank from AC or USB charging port before you leave home; use our solar panel to recharge powerbank when on-the-go. Charge most smartphones 3-4 times from powerbank. Charge two devices at once from powerbank.
  • ZIPPERED COMPARTMENTS can carry laptop w/ 17” screen, clothes for overnight travel, powerbank, cable and supplies. Side pocket to carry water bottle. Stow the powerbank and cable in the convenient pocket on the back of solar panel or inside the briefcase and use the cable pass-through from the powerbank to the solar panel.
  • PERFECT for work, school, travel (including air travel), and more!

What we like about the backpack:

  • Large laptop pouch big enough to carry a 17″ laptop
  • 10,000 mAH battery pack allows for emergency charging situations.
  • Side handle is great for carrying it like a briefcase.

Something to think about:

  • A 3W solar panel is much to be desired in this model

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack with Solar Panel

If your looking for a large solar backpack then you have found it! This thing is huge. It sports a pouch that can hold up to a 17″ laptop with tons of room to spare. Two tablet and laptop compartments come equipped with charging ports as well. One of the coolest features that we found on the Sunnybag is the wireless charging capability. Simply insert your phone into the external pouch and the wireless charger will kick on! Genius! On the bottom of bag you will find a zipper housing a rain cover to keep your items safe from the rain. We have used this feature before on other backpacks and it definitely can come in handy.

  • SOLAR CHARGER BACKPACK – The Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack charges mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smartwatches, power banks etc. via an integrated USB port. Compatible with iPhone X / 8 / 8p, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9p S8 / S8p.
  • THE STRONGEST SOLAR CELLS ON THE MARKET – The solar panel delivers 7 watts of power and 22.4% efficiency and can charge a smartphone battery in 2 hours in direct sunlight.
  • 100% CERTIFIED POWER – Every single solar panel is tested and certified before shipping. This certificate will accompany the backpack when you receive it.
  • ROBUST & CONVENIENT – The ICONIC is an ergonomic and functional laptop backpack for everyday use at work, college, camping, hiking or outdoors. It is made from water-resistant material and comes with a rain cover. The integrated solar panel with charger built in makes it a perfect companion for everyone who likes to be independent and keep their devices charged.
  • STYLISH & PRACTICAL – The fashionable 20L backpack offers well-structured storage space for all your belongings. You can safely store your laptop, notebook or tablet in a padded 17” laptop compartment. Product dimensions: 19 x 15 x 7 inches.

What we like about the backpack:

  • 17″ laptop carrying pouch.
  • Wireless charging through external pouch.
  • 7W solar panel with almost 23% efficiency.
  • Great minimalist design.
  • Lots of features for the price point.
  • External charging port.

Something to think about:

  • The big is much larger than it looks in pictures!

Here is some other solar backpack information you may enjoy

Where solar back packs started and the history lesson we all been looking for

The original design of the solar backpack is known as the REPPS (Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System) and was intended for the use of the United States Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center. The system featured a 62-watt solar panel blanket for use by the US Army stationed in Afghanistan. This however was not the first implementation of this system.

Previously the US Air Force and the Marines used almost the same type of system for their operation. The REPPS has proven valuable in the field that it has remained in use by the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team based in Logar, Afghanistan. When buying this type of device, make user that it has the same powerful design to get the most out of your money and remain functional with every use.

The design of the solar panel backpacks may differ substantially depending on its manufacturer and intended functionality. When shopping around, make sure to look for one that has the solar panels built into the unit to eliminate potential problems like damaging the panels or charging capability of the unit. This also makes it easier for you to simply pack up and go without forgetting to install the solar panels.

Capable of powering laptops

Undoubtedly the functionality of this type of device can vary substantially depending on its manufacturer. When on the market, make sure that you look for one that is functional enough to power laptops for 3 hours on average. This will give you a good gauge of just how much it can deliver in terms of electricity. It is likewise important to realize that not all solar back pack models are capable of charging laptops, which means that those that can are a bit more expensive.

One important thing to consider though is that not all laptops were designed to receive power from an external battery source. This means if charging laptops is one of your intended uses for this device, you must consult your product manufacturer of the availability of this feature. Otherwise, you may have a functional source of solar energy, but your device may not be fully compatible with the electricity it outputs.

Direct power connection

One of the best choices when it comes to solar back packs are those that have been designed to connect directly to the devices that need to be powered using a USB connection. This allows the solar power source to function similar to a wall outlet in the home where electricity flows directly to the device being charged or powered. The device may not be charged completely by the solar panel, but it will keep it running continuously.

The reason to look for this feature in a solar backpack is that it is extremely useful when in an emergency and you suddenly find yourself running out of batteries for you mobile phone or GPS device for example. Usually, this feature is available only for smaller devices and may not be powerful enough to use with laptops and similar devices that require higher power deliveries.

Flexibility of battery chargers

There are some units that have been designed to recharge specific types of batteries such as AA or AAA batteries for example. The reason is that these are the most common types of batteries used by the majority of devices in the market today. Even portable mobile phone chargers powered by either of these two types of batteries can be bought to transfer power to the battery of your mobile phone for example.

Therefore, it would be ideal to shop for solar panel backpacks that have more flexibility in the types of batteries that they can charge. For one, this eliminates the need to carry additional battery chargers, which may prove to be too bulky and impractical. If you can find a unit that is capable of powering and charging majority of your devices, then this would be the best type of solar powered device for you.

One last bit of information to consider when deciding on a solar panel backpack is the battery packs capacity. For the typical smart phone such as an iPhone the capacity of its battery is 1,400 mAh. Ideally you would want to choose a battery pack that is at minimum 2,000 mAh. Most beginners would think that if their device has a 1,400 mAh battery than that is the capacity of battery pack they need to fully charge their device. This is completely false. You need to consider that for example an iPhone even at idle is still using up battery life for tasks such as incoming sms messages or radio signals. If you would want to fully charge your device such as an iPhone I would make sure to purchase one with a minimum of 2,000 mAh.

Length of exposure

When buying this type of device, you want to consider the charging factor. Models can have significantly different charging time requirements, which mean that the length of exposure to the sun to achieve a full charge can be different. Basically, you would want to consider a solar backpack that is capable of powering emergency lights for approximately 14 hours after just six hours of exposure to the sun.

This is extremely advantageous especially for those who are living off the grid as well as those in jurisdictions where sunlight is extremely limited. The longer the exposure time, the more waiting time required before this device becomes fully functional. If you are continuously on the move, you may not have the luxury of waiting. You also have to consider that not just because you are outdoors, you automatically have complete access to sunlight.

Weather proofing

Many buyers of solar panel backpacks often forget the fact that one of the most important features to look for in this unit is weather proof. You cannot discount the fact that when in the wilderness, you will not have control of the weather. This means that it can be sunny at one time and then suddenly you will experience rain. If you buy solar panel backpacks that are not treated for waterproofing, the rain can ruin your unit altogether.

The first solar panels: Initially, when solar panels were introduced they were unstable and required to be installed in special casings, which in turn limited their capabilities severely. With the improvements in technologies, solar panels are now made with thin-film materials that allow for more opportunities for use. It also means that solar panels are now more flexible not only in their use, but also where they can be implemented.

Affordable models

Unlike other global solutions or alternative sources of portable power, the backpack solar charger actually costs significantly lower. Considering the pricing suggestions of manufacturers, the retail price can range from $129.95 to $159.95 for one backpack. This would consist of the 3.5-inch by 5-inch solar panel made from poly-crystalline materials. These types of materials are known for its durability and adaptability even in adverse weather conditions.

When you contemplate about it, the affordability of the solar backpack is actually not its price, but rather, measuring the price against the perceived benefits. When you do this, you will begin to realize that it is actually the most compelling reason why this type of technology should be supported. Keep in mind that by buying these products, you make it possible to improve the technology and increase its potentials for more benefits in the future.

There is no question that there are more reasons why you should carefully consider using backpacks with solar panels. However, with technology improving every day, these reasons should be enough to convince you to buy backpack solar panels now.

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