Best Solar Panels for RV Battery Charging in 2020

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Why Invest in the Best Solar Panels for RV Battery Charging?

Most people believe that RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, but if you decide to not properly prepare for your next trip on the open road RV could stand for Ruins Vacation. There’s nothing more aggravating then being stranded in the middle of no where during your family time vacation then with a dead freaking battery! You get back from a long hike in the mountains with the family and forgot to turn off one of your power hungry devices. Next thing you know the motor won’t turn over! Time to call for help but AAA won’t be able to make it out for another 6 hours. Sound familiar? No? Well its happen to me before. This stupid mistake could have been avoided simply by having a Solar panel for RV battery charging. Next time I won’t leave home without it. Literally.

In the following article we will be going over the best solar panels for RV battery charging and some of the different options. These kits range in different watts from 100 to 200 watts. Most of these panels are great for RVs because they are built smaller then panels that are installed on our homes. Those panels are much larger and produce higher amounts of energy. A standard home solar panel can range from 150 watts to 370 watts.

We put together a quick list of reasons for this small investment and here they are:

  • Piece of mind that you won’t be stranded for hours
  • Charge those devices without dipping into your RV battery

The Best Solar Panels for RV Battery Charging

Best Solar Panels for RV Battery ChargingSometimes having the best solar panels for RV battery charging isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes its better to get your toes wet before making the plunge into something new. For this we suggest an RV Solar Panel Starter Kit. This kit will have everything you need to get started with an option to expand in the future by adding additional solar panels. The kit we suggest you start with is cost effective and basic, making it much easier to install. Once you understand all the components of an RV solar panel system adding more panels and upgrading your components will be much easier.

The Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit

  • 1 x 100w Solar Panel
  • Charge Controller with a maximum 400 watts
  • Ability to add 3 extra 100w solar panels

With this starter kit you have the ability to add additional panels giving you the choice of taking a 50% dead battery to a full charge in the mater of a few hours. (depending upon the availability of light of course)

BougeRV 170 Watts Solar Panel for a little extra power

 The BougeRV kit offers a more power conversion over the starter kit. This panel is a high efficiency kit with 170 watts of power that can charge a 12 volt battery out of the box. The panel comes with pre-drilled holes making the mounting process on an RV much more convenient than competitors. The panels are also suitable for home use and outdoor such as a back yard for powering a pond pump. The Corrosion-resistant aluminum material can withstand high winds and even regions where you will be getting snow.

BougeRV offers 18 months of warranty on their solar panels and a lifetime warmhearted service for their customers… ah how sweet.

Here are some of the specifications for the BougeRV kit:

  • Max. power voltage(Vmp): 19.01V
  • Max. power current(Imp): 8.91A
  • Open circuit voltage(Voc): 22.5V
  • Short circuit current(Isc): 9.44A
  • Series fuse rating: 15A
  • Max. system voltage: 1000V
  • J-Box IP Rating: IP65

Renogy 200 Watt Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Renogy is offering a dual 100 watt panel kit making this a 200 watt foldable solar panel system. The noncrystalline solar cells have great performance in low light situations for times when the weather is gloomy and overcast.

Renogy Voyager Waterproof Controller
  • 20A built-in 5-stage solar charge controller provides overcharge protection, reducing fire risk.
  • Negative-ground charge controller for compatibility with your RV, boat, trailer, etc.
  • Charge controller with LCD display and fully adjustable parameter settings.

Renogy features include:

  • 20A built-in 5-stage Solar charge controller provides overcharge protection
  • Adjustable, Corrosion-Resistant aluminum stand with heavy duty handle and latches
  • Protective casing
  • Low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards

Renogy 100 Watt option

If the Renogy brand has peaked your interest but you weren’t ready to dive into the dual panel kit, then your in luck! Renogy sells a single panel 100 watt kit as well (mentioned above too). The single panel kit is basically everything you get in the dual kit except of course only 1 panel.

If your stuck on finding the best solar panels for rv battery charging the answer is an easy one. Our above list is a great start and will satisfy most of your needs. So if your in the market to get your RV on solar then the choice is right here.

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