eClipse: The Day and Night Solar Solution

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A solar tech by the name of Juan Moncada is looking for backers to his new solar power station. He calls it the eClipse. After super storm Sandy hit the Easy coast Juan saw photos of people huddled around power stations so that they could power their phones just to call loved ones. Juan thought if only there was a product available that could charge multiple devices at once. eClipse was the answer. With a solar station that has the ability to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and even have the ability to keep charging with its built in battery pack for when it is night. If that wasn’t enough Juan has also integrated a colored bezel so that you can even purchase your own eClipse in one of your favorite colors including, black, silver, blue, green, yellow, red, pink and orange. The eClipse is small enough to fit into a backpack so portability is perfect for campers as well! The eClipse works straight out of the box. Plug in your device and your ready to go. Just put the eClipse near a window or out in the sun and your devices are ready to charge.

Here are a list of devices that the eClipse will be compatible with:

  • Cell phones (Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, Blackberry devices, any USB powered cell phone)
  • Tablets (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • Portable game consoles (Sony PSP)
  • e-Readers (Kindle, Nook)
  • MP3 players (Apple iPod, Sandisk Sansa)
  • Other USB powered devices (Bluetooth headphones, flashlights, lanterns, etc.)

If your the type of person that likes to see all the technical specs, I have included a table with everything you need below.

eClipse Specifications


Photos of the eClipse:

eclipse1 eclipse2 eclipse3

Videos of the eClipse:

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