Power Pier Solar charger by PowerFilm Solar

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A solar charger to keep your leisure time  in check

Today a company by the name of PowerFilm Solar has released a new product in hopes to help the ocean boater. This charger maintains a charge for both the boats batteries and the docks lift battery. What that means is that you will be worry free from having to worry if your boat lift will have a dead battery and need a charge when it has been out of use for a whole season. The Power Pier is a great addition to any boating enthusiast such as myself that doesn’t get a chance to go boating on a weekly or monthly basis. The following link will take you directly to the Power Pier product on PowerFilm Solar’s website.


Solar Power to get you in the water faster and keep you there longer

The PowerPier solar panel maintains the charge in your boat lift battery and boat battery. Fully capable of offsetting most parasitic power loads, such as hydraulic motors, bilge pumps, sound systems, electronics and other items that naturally drain your battery, the PowerPier keeps you ready to go boating at a moments notice.

• Safer – no direct power to your boat or boat lift
• Extend Battery Life† – as much as 6-10 years
• Portable – the solar panel goes with you for charging cell phones, trolling motors, GPS, and more
• Easy to Install – complete in minutes; all easy to follow instructions included
• Rugged – marine grade connectors, strong adhesive, and the most flexible and durable solar in the world – stands up to hail and all weather elements
• Low Light Operation – works on overcast days
• Lightweight – No frames, no special stands or mounting brackets needed
• Waterproof – No worry about using in wet environments
• Glass Free – Nothing to be broken
• Saves Time – Keeps boat lift batteries charged when not in use, even for long periods of time – get to the water immediately

The PowerPier Solar Charger – includes a 5 watt PowerFilm solar panel, a mounting plate, a 15 foot extension cord, and a 3 foot cable with O-ring connectors.

Additional extension cords, cables, and charge controllers are available.

Based on a depth of discharge of 80% versus 20%


  • Operating Voltage: 15.4
  • Wattage: 5
  • Current: 0.3
  • Width (in): 18.5 (with mounting plate)
  • Length (in): 20.5 (with mounting plate)
  • Weight (lb): 1.4

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