Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack

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There are a lot of solar backpacks around, but few can match the features of the OffGrid Solar Backpack as a storage device and power source.

This isn’t just an ordinary solar bag, but a versatile backpack that can meet the needs of a hiker, casual traveler, or even a businessman. At 18″ H x 12″ W x 8″ D, there’s enough room in it not just for your smartphone, but even your laptop, camping gear and some food.

The OffGrid Backpack is equipped with a 4W solar panel with a maximum capacity of 11W hour, a charging time of 7 hours under the sun and 5.5 from a USB port. The panels are detachable so you can put it on a rack, bike or another storage device. Because it is spacious and flexible, the OffGrid Backpack is perfect for those who are going on an expedition, hiking, or headed to the wilderness. This isn’t just for campers but even scientists and researchers who have to go to areas where there’s no electricity.

Another reason why you can bring the backpack when away from civilization is that it is very durable, waterproof, and lightweight. Did we mention that it is also stylish?


[tabgroup][tab title=”Solar Charger Specifications“]

Two 2.0 Watt Solar Panels generate power in sunlight. They are waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand abuse.

Power: 4 Watts total peak output at 6 or 12 Volts (selectable depending on charging application)
Charge times: 4-5 hours in the sun will fully charge a typical phone, 1 hour will provide about 3 hours of talk time.
Universal USB Battery stores power for use anytime and is
specially designed to charge efficiently from solar. When not in the
sun, the battery can be charged using the USB Power Cable or
optional AC travel charger or DC car charger making it just as useful
on the grid as off
Charge times: Battery will be fully charged from 7 hours of direct sun, 5.5 hours from USB port on laptop or optional DC or AC
Capacity: 3,000mAh, 11 Watt hour capacity
Output: 5.5V, 900mA via USB port
Input: 4.8-12V, 650 mA


[tab title=”Bag Specifications“]

Detachable Charging Section: Solar charging section zips off and can be attached to another bag, bike rack, etc. with the included straps and clips
Volume: 1500 cubic inches (25 liters)
Dimensions: 18″ high x 12″wide x 8″ deep (46cm high x 30cm
wide x 21cm deep)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2050 grams) including battery and solar panels Padded laptop pocket: Dedicated pocket fits up to a 17″ laptop (17″ MacBook, larger 17″ laptops may not fit
Wire channels: placed throughout the bag for cables and bladder tubes
Phone pouch: Sits on the shoulder strap and allows you to
charge with easy phone access
Removable waist strap
Built for Comfort: High density padding in the shoulder straps and
back. Mesh backing material for better air flow
Fabric: 600D shell made from recycled PET (soda bottles),which is
waterproof, lightweight and UV resistant



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