Modulo – Expandable portable battery

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Expandable, Stackable, Modular portable battery!

7 Reasons why Modulo Portable Battery is so Awesome!







Modulo Features


  • 1 Modulo charges 1 device
  • Stack up several Modulo to expand power, recharge multiple devices simultaneously or share power with friends

Compact Charging

  • Compact battery in card-size design
  • Lightweight

100% charging

  • Recharges 100% of your smartphone
  • Each additional Modulo adds 2100 mAh
  • Max. Capacity = 10500 mAh

Powerful & Fast Charging

  • Each Modulo delivers 1.2 A from the USB port
  • Fast charging: Modulo recharges any smartphone as fast as your original charger
  • Fast recharging: Modulo completely recharges in only 2-5 hours

5000+ Devices

  • Recharges tablets and phone but also GoPro, cameras, game consoles, Bluetooth devices, etc.
  • Compatible with any USB device

Smart Attach

  • Attach your Modulo to your devices and never worry about tangled wires again
  • Micro Suction Technology leaves no mark on your device
  • Simply rinse Smart Attach with water when dirty to keep it at maximum “stickyness”

Smart Charge

  • Recharge your Modulo while the Modulo is charging another device simultaneously

For more information visit their KickStarter page

1 thought on “Modulo – Expandable portable battery”

  1. If you truly care about your audience you would post the pictures of the comments from the actual backers on the kickstarter website and that -Jacques Giribet- does not know business nor quality of their products nor does he care about taking the $160k+ from his backers and giving them a half ass refund

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