2019 Solar Lanterns Essential Guide

Solar Lanterns are perfect for camping and keeping a soft glow around the tent or camping area. They don’t need any power to light up, as they run off the sun’s energy. Typically solar lanterns are pretty lightweight and provide hours of light deep into the evening.

BirkSun Solar Backpack Collection

This spring, BirkSun® is launching the inaugural line of solar backpacks in their 2013 collection. Based in San Francisco, California, BirkSun, manufactures the finest quality solar carrying accessories to date. As you will discover these hand crafted packs convert and store solar/grid power in relatively little time and provide you portable power on the go …

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6 Reasons for purchasing Backpack Solar Panels

With the increasing popularity of wearable electronics and other fashionable accessories, there are many reasons why opting for backpack solar panels would be extremely advantageous for you.  The technological advancements that have come along in recent years have made it possible to implement designs that make the most of solar energy and allow it to …

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