It looks like Best Buy has done it again by prematurely launching a product by accident on their website. This time its the Logitech iPad Solar Powered Case. This confirms the rumor about Logitech developing some kind of solar powered product. Logitech has yet to offically release this iPad Solar Powered case.

Best Buy has since taken down the listing from their website however. From other sources the case looks to have a built in keyboard with 121 keys with dedicated internet and multimedia keys. The only downside about all this is that the iPad Solar Powered Case only seems to power the keyboard and not the iPad itself. (If your looking to power your iPad you may want to check out a Solar backpack with this type of charging capability) Although this is an improvement over the non-solar powered keyboards that tend to run out of power fairly quickly. As far as compatibility goes, Best Buy list that it will only work with the “new iPad” and has no mention of working with iPad 2 or iPad 3. The weight of the Logitech iPad Solar Powered Case comes in at 15.9 ounces and connects via Bluetooth. A projected retail price of $129.99 was listed on the Best Buy website before it was removed.






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