BirkSun Solar Backpack Collection

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This spring, BirkSun® is launching the inaugural line of solar backpacks in their 2013 collection. Based in San Francisco, California, BirkSun, manufactures the finest quality solar carrying accessories to date. As you will discover these hand crafted packs convert and store solar/grid power in relatively little time and provide you portable power on the go with a sleek, cutting-edge design. The electronics adaptors charge the most popular devices on the market including, iPhone 4,4S,5, Samsung Galaxy S III, iPad, Kindle, GoPro Camera, Garmin GPS, Jawbone Wireless Speakers, to name a few. The solar backpacks fit perfectly into a huge range of editorial segments: fitness, gift giving, outdoors, gadgets, fashion, etc. (Please also note that BirkSun is open to the idea of audience/reader gifting/giveaways)

BirkSun solar backpacks are not just carrying accessories, they complete a lifestyle that is centered on their mantra, Charge Your Passion®. BirkSun packs promote a dual purpose, affordable portable power and inspiration to venture outside to charge your passion whatever that may be: hiking, cycling, skiing, camping, bonfire at the beach, etc. Get off your couch and start exploring! Take as many photos and videos as you like, don’t worry, your battery will always be charged.

Press Contact: Richard Highsmith        925.575.4399/[email protected]


Why Solar Backpacks?

BirkSun designs evolved gear for day packers, as well as a tool for adventurers and thrill seekers. Perfect for city dwellers commuting to work on foot/bike, outdoor survivalists and everyone in between. In our increasingly connected world, the importance of charging on the go and keeping others up to speed on your life, has never been greater. That’s where solar backpacks come in – whether you are mountain biking in uncharted terrain or hitting the beach with friends, a pack that can reliably charge your electronic devices is indispensible.

Why BirkSun?

BirkSun’s solar line provides dependability in the backcountry and the ability to utilize it without dipping into your 401(k) account. BirkSun bags allow the passionate, adventurous lifestyle to coexist with grid communication. When creating the BirkSun line, attention to detail concerning electronics and solar reliability were the highest priority. From our industry leading, matte finished monocrystalline solar panels to our dependable lithium polymer battery every aspect of the bag was created with a purpose. In addition to rigid technical enhancements, user-friendliness was not overlooked, such as the convenient, side battery window to determine when the pack receives solar/grid energy.

How it Works…

(1) Charge It –   Internal battery charges from the solar panel or included USB cord.
1 hour in the sun provides 2 hours of talk time or 25% charge on smartphones*.

(2) Store It –     Lithium polymer battery has a 2,400 mAh capacity, translates to 1.5 iPhone
charges. The charge meter on the battery exterior illuminates when accepting      energy from the sun or the grid. Energy from the battery charges your device at 80% the speed of a USA wall outlet.

(3) Enjoy It –    Batteries hold power for nearly 6 months. Have fun powering your devices while
charging your passion

*IPhone5 – Actual battery % may vary depending on device and age/quality of battery within it.


For more information visit their website


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